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Quick & Simple Chair Yoga For Seniors Over 60

How to Use Seated Poses for Weight Loss and Create Outstanding Flexibility In Your Golden Years

Patricia Hollie

"Highly recommended for all ages!!!"

Why Seniors Love This Book

Flexibly Wonderful

Amazingly fun even for those suffering from nasty illness and injury...it was fun and I paced myself. It helps trust me!

Joy Murphy, Amazon Review

Great Stretching Book For Seniors

Wonderful book for easy stretching exercises accessible to those of us who have limitations or challenges. Highly recommended!

Heather B, Amazon Review

Chair Yoga Great For All Ages

Using the chair was so effective in allowing me to push myself safely without knee strain or other injuries...helped my confidence too.

MeraBelle C, Amazon Review

What's Inside

This 141-page comprehensive book provides useful tips, guided instruction and makes it easy for you to get started with chair yoga and stick to it!

Easy-To Follow Routines

Full Color Illustrations

A Special Bonus Tracker

How To Get Started

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NOW Is The Best Time To Start Chair Yoga

Multiple studies show yoga practice has positive effects on cellular aging, mobility, balance, mental health, and prevention of cognitive decline. Here's more...

60% of yoga users are motivated to exercise more regularly

85% of yoga users report reduced stress

Yet, only 10% of seniors 60 years and over practice yoga

Let's change that!

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About The Author

Audrey Fitzgerald was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and grew up on the island of Maui in Hawaii. She's been interested in wellbeing and fitness since she was a teenager, and In 2001, she started studying alignment-based yoga and became a yoga, meditation, and movement teacher. She was also trained as a professional chef around the same time and founded a natural foods personal chef and catering company. She then began a wellness lifestyle coaching company that focused on a body-mind-spirit approach to wellbeing.

She hopes that this book will empower older seniors to remain fit and active and feel their best as they get older. She was able to teach her own mother yoga at age 60 and her mother still does yoga (and plays ping pong!) at age 80. She wants to empower seniors to live their optimal life through healthy movement. Audrey is passionate about teaching people healthy strategies and modalities and wants to help as many people as possible!


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm over 80, is this book still good for me?

These poses are designed to be safe for all ages (barring any major medical conditions) with the caveat that you go as slowly as you need to and really listen to your body! And as always check with your doctor before starting anything new.

In the book I talk about my mom who is currently 80 and at the time of this writing she plays ping pong 5 days a week and does chair yoga with me all the time. She is an inspiration to me and others around her and so I know it can be a safe practice. However I want to repeat to check with your doctor if you've never done these types of movements before!

I have back issues, are there any exercies for me in this book?

Similar to the answer above please check with your doctor before doing anything new and if they give the OK, I would try each movement and as long as there's no pain and your doctor says it's OK then go for it.

Do you offer an audio book version?

Yes, the link will be added here once the audio book is live!

I've purchased the book. Where can I find the companion tracker?

Yes! Claim your copy of the tracker here: https://www.gesundbooks.com/tracker-signup.

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